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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 400. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about celebrating 400 episodes of the Boostly Podcast.

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400 episodes of The Boostly podcast. Thank you so much to everybody that has been with us since the start since episode one. Doesn't matter whether you've been with me for years, or whether you've just recently discovered the Boostly podcast, I just want to say thank you so much for subscribing, for liking for engaging, and most importantly, sharing the content so other hosts can discover and find out more about what we're trying to do here.

What are we doing?

I want to help 1 million hosts increase their direct bookings, and cut down on the overreliance on Airbnb, booking.com, vrbo. And any third party. So it's all about direct bookings. And we are doing this through daily free podcasts. We've got a hospitality community, there's a daily blog, we've got all of the social media channels postings. And so there's free help for hosts all over the world doesn't matter what stage of the journey they are in. And if you've not yet joined the hospitality community go on to Facebook type in hospitality community. It's got over 6500 hosts. It's one of the most engaged groups on Facebook with 92% average engagement. So that means it's a community of hosts, that doesn't matter what question you have, there'll be somebody in there who'll be able to give you some fantastic advice.

What Boostly does

For those that want more. I want to take this episode 400. To just give you a very quick overview of what Boostly does so beautifully separated into three different areas, there is Boostly websites, which right now you can get a brand new direct booking website that is guaranteed to get your return of investment or your money back, boostlywebsite.com, go check it out book in a call, we'll see if we're a good fit for each other.

There is Boostly Academy, so boostlyacademy.com. That is the training side of what I do. So if you think that this is a good way to do see what's behind the curtain on the Boostly academy, it gives you all of the advice in more depth in more detail over the shoulder record and shows you exactly how to do it over 80 hours worth of content, which revolves around the five key aspects of marketing your business, email, social media, Google SEO, website, and word of mouth. So we focus on those five key areas. And we've got over 700 other hosts in a Facebook group for accountability for communication for community. And we also as well, I bring in experts from all over the world for exclusive zoom calls.

And then finally, we have Boostlycontentcreator.com. This is something that we more recently created. And the reason being is that I talk about hosts having to post on social media every single day, to be sending out emails at least once a month. And the big kickback that I had was Mark, all sounds amazing, I haven't got the time. And I haven't got the the knowledge on how to do so. So we went and create it for you 30 to 40 pieces of fresh content every single month via social media, we've got email templates that are ready to copy, paste personalized and send right now.

And we've got a headline generator tool for the OTAs and for your website. And we also have video content as well. So it's all in there, it's all packed, it's five pounds a month, there's no contract, you can cancel at any time. But for literally five pounds a month. It's a couple of Starbucks coffees. And it's the same price. And it will mean that you will never have to think again about content for your social media and email.

How Boostly started

So that is how Boostly is broken down. That it all started in 2016. When I wanted to help hosts in the local area, I wanted to give them a resource where they could get help when it comes to marketing their property and my frustration of nothing being available. And it started from there. And it has grown and grown and grown to be something which is now worldwide.

So thank you very much to everybody who has joined in on the journey. Again, I'm not going to stop until I've helped 1 million hosts increase their direct bookings but also as well re-educating guests. Because again, if we can help educate hosts and educate guests about book direct, then what we're going to do is we're going to get the OTAs to stand up and pay attention to us lower their commission rates give us more powers treat us more like their partners that they say they do.

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