BREXIT’s Potential To Boost The Independent Hospitality Market – EXPLAINED!


The dust from the Brexit has settled. Politicians and businesses all over the UK and Europe are now trying to work out what this new reality means for our future.

The shock of the result prompted a resignation from the Prime Minister. The head of the BREXIT campaign pulled out of the upcoming leadership race. The stock markets reacted, too. Britain froze for a day, unsure of the ultimate outcome of leaving the EU. What followed was a lot of backtracking and several attempts by the chancellor to calm everyone down.

Regardless of how you feel about Brexit, let bygones be bygones. The choice has been made. Some head-shakers insist that leaving EU will crush British exports and EU staff outsourcing. Don’t believe them.

The truth is that the weakening pound could be a cherry pie to the independent hospitality and tourism sector. A low price to the pound could force low-income British families to finally appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of their own country. Considering the increased expense of vacationing in the EU, people may reconsider booking that week-long holiday in Spain. Instead, they might well flock to the beaches of the Yorkshire Coast! A weaker pound could also entice foreign visitors to head to the country which seemed too expensive for a vacation just some time ago.

What happens next?

Leaving the EU could take up to two years when leadership finally opts for “Article 50”. There has already been chatter from politicians that Brexit conditions won’t come into effect until 2017, so for the next few months, there will be a lot of uncertainty about what is going to happen. However, in the short term, the knock-on effect will continue to be a weak pound. That means that you have a chance to derive maximum profit from the economic situation caused by the confirmation of Brexit.

One more bonus: representatives of the hospitality and tourism sector are determined to get their seats at the table of post-Brexit discussions. If they do, they may get a permanent cut to VAT for accommodation owners. Do you want to be a part of that? We bet you do!

BREXIT’s potential to boost the indepedent hospitality market – EXPLAINED!

To join in, you have to be armed to the teeth. Any company boasting it has something to offer, whether to British or foreign customers, has to do its best to present itself on the web. You’ve got to boost your business online or you’ll get zero feedback in the forthcoming years…and the same figures in profit.

Here’s what you need to do to put yourself ahead of the rest.

Be multi-present

Update your listings on the dominant OTAs, including and Expedia.

Get a Social Media presence on the major channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget about the power of IFTTT to manage your social media!

Make sure you can offer multiple payment methods. Verify that you can accept various types of credit cards, plus Paypal, and other payment methods.

Design your website to make the narrative of your hotel engaging. You’re telling your prospective customers why they should come to you instead of to your competition. Stories are persuasive, so tell yours!

Hire a professional photographer

Give detailed pictures of your rooms, bathrooms, terraces, and any other features that amplify the image of your hotel or restaurant as a perfect retreat. Ideally, include links to blogs describing nearby points of interest and events, such as festivals and fairs taking place in the area.

BREXIT’s potential to boost the indepedent hospitality market – EXPLAINED!

Excursions, bicycle rides, and walking tours with breathtaking views will add charm to your site as well.

Regular updates

Don’t forget about regular updates on prices and special offers, such as seasonal and group discounts. Real-time availability information is also extremely important. If you don’t welcome your guests with fresh information, it’s like hanging out a sign saying, “Nobody’s home anymore”.

Create marketing buzz

All the above is enough to earn. But to prosper, you need something more, some unique service or bonus which will make people tell their friends about you. It can be fruit and flowers at the guest’s arrival. Breakfasts in bed. Free bicycles. Discounted excursions or walking tours for your visitors. Local musicians every Saturday. Crafted beer or coffee delivered by local companies just to treat your guests. Just think what you would want to experience on your holidays, then implement it in your business! The trick is to be unique. Make your property stand out from the rest.

To know more about hotel marketing, check out individually designed courses for hospitality marketers.

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