Boostly is not the Instagram Growth Tool

Boostly Reviews – Why we are NOT the Instagram Growth Tool

Boostly is a UK-based hospitality and short stay rental accommodation marketing website. We are not the Boostly Instagram tool that you will see if you run a search on Google for Boostly reviews.

We wanted to get that over to you as soon as possible because there are a lot of reviews online of Boostly and asked if that Instagram growth tool is a scam or if it is real.

Here's a good place to start. Boostly is founded by Mark Simpson.  He created Boostly in 2016. Before in the US, a company created its name Boostly Instagram growth company is in no way associated with
Boost Hospitality, and I want to get this across straightaway.

We're writing this blog for you to read it. But I'm also writing this blog for Google. Because if you were to go on to the search engine and search for Boostly reviews, you will see that there are a ton of blogs that are talking about the other.

Boostly Reviews

This has never bothered me, until I started to get messages on my website, asking for that money back. People messaging me saying they can't log in, saying it's not with the tools not working. So I decided to do something about it. And this is why we are writing this blog.

So who is Boostly UK? Who is Boostly? Mark Simpson? Well, this is what I wanted to show you. I wanted to show you case studies and Boostly reviews of the work that we're doing, their accommodation owners all over the world. And the following is where you can find out more.

Polly from Gite

This Boostly review is from Polly, who runs Gite Colombe des Bois in the French Pyrenees. She has been open for about a year now.

Polly met Mark through a Gite group on Facebook, where Mark offered help with direct bookings. Initially, Polly ran a Facebook competition with him and was very happy with the results. Therefore, she decided to join Boostly Academy.

Tricia from Morndyke Shepherd’s Huts

Tricia is from Thirsk and runs Morndyke Shepherd’s Huts. She first met Mark 6 months ago after she set up her own glamping business. Tricia lives on a working farm, so she thought setting up the huts would be a good way to make some extra cash.

She invested a lot of money, set up her website, and waited for the bookings to come in. But none came. Then, she spoke to some people who had forwarded her some grant money. These people put her in touch with Mark.

Zein Dudha From Villa 33

Zein is the owner of Villa 33, a bed and breakfast in Blantyre, Malawi.

He joined Boostly a year and a half ago, and for him, it’s been a lifeline. For bed and breakfast owners in the current environment, where OTAs are taking 20% of each booking, and with the added factor of Airbnb properties opening everywhere, owners really need to level the playing field online. Boostly helped him with that.

Lorraine Turnbull from Gite Le Bois Vert

Lorraine Turnbull runs Gite Le Bois Vert in France. She joined the Boostly Academy in order to brush up on her Information Technology skills. Lorraine needed help within the industry. She had seen Mark’s expertise, and when she joined, she got tailored training from Mark and Boostly Academy for her needs.

Sharon Mears runs a holiday cottage called Arallt

Sharon Mears runs a holiday cottage called Arallt. She found Mark online when looking for help in marketing the property, particularly when it came to social media skills. Sharon loves tech and likes learning new things, so she is constantly looking for training in that area.

She initially joined the Hospitality Community, but then decided to join the Boostly Academy a few months ago because Boostly offered extra tips.

Hannah Flohr from Hall Farm Cottages

Hannah Flohr runs Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk. She has been a member of Boostly since December 2017. Hannah says her life has become much easier since joining. She runs a very, very small family business where she tries to keep on top of everything. Previously, she has joined many courses and thought that she was learning something, but forget everything once the course ended.

By working with Mark, she can learn at her own pace, and she is happy that she has the tutorials to fall back on. She says that Boostly is fantastic and has been absolutely brilliant.

Paula Butler from Cockington Holiday Cottages

Paula Butler has been in the hospitality industry for fifteen years. However, recently she converted her property from a Bed and Breakfast into holiday cottages. She found that although it’s within the same industry, the challenges she faced as a cottage owner were slightly different than those with which she was already familiar. In addition, she knew she needed a consistent marketing plan to support the change she is about to go through.

Callum Morgan from Plascolwyn

Callum joined Boostly halfway through 2017 and has now been working with Boostly for 6 months. He has had his house for 10 years. It sleeps 18 people in nine bedrooms.

He states that the Boostly Training Site is exceptional and has helped him come a long way.

Jules Gibson of The Beaches Guesthouse

Jules Gibson of The Beaches Guesthouse joined Boostly because she liked the ideas Mark has. She loves how the videos are broken up into little chunks, which allows her to tap in and out of the whichever video suits her.

Melanie Benwell from Trevorrick Farm Holiday Cottages

Melanie and her husband Mike have been running Trevorrick Farm for 17 years and had never taken marketing advice before now. They had previously taken a few courses, but never really did anything about the advice they received there.

Melanie states that she loves the Boostly training site because the videos can be viewed whenever you want, and more importantly, can be viewed over and over again. This is important because they lead very busy lives, but can fit in the videos in the evenings or whenever they get a chance to do it on their own time.

Since starting the course, Melanie has learned how to use MailChimp, make videos, and run Facebook competitions. She has even received direct bookings from these actions.

Nicola Woods of Le Dragon

Nicola was a complete technophobe. She struggled with everything digital before she started using the Boostly training site. She now says that she has the confidence to market her property’s digital and online presence herself!

A total beginner in the world of advertising in hospitality, Nicola has nevertheless managed to follow the beginner’s videos and step-by-step guides to market her property. She finds these brilliant because she can watch, pause, and pick the video back up whenever she has 5 free minutes. Nicola also says that she also appreciates that she can email Mark, who will help her whenever he can.

Maria Cheung of City Break Amsterdam

Maria joined Boostly in June 2018, and before this training, she was not very familiar with digital marketing.

Not only did I build her website for her, but she has also used Boostly to learn how to bid on her own brand name, how to use MailChimp, and how to optimise her use of her website.

The biggest takeaway from the Boostly training site is that she’s learned about Google Analytics and Google AdWords. This means that she can now monitor the traffic on her audience, and can offer discounts on her website, instead of paying commission plus VAT to the online travel agents.

Emma Khan from Riviera Guesthouse

Emma used to struggle with knowing how to work on specific issues like social media and email. In addition, she also struggles how to make sure her website was the first one that people saw on Google when they were typing in “The Riviera Guesthouse Whitby”.

There was advice out there. However, it was generic and wasn’t catered for the hospitality community.

When I started putting on workshops in the Scarborough and Whitby area to help improve my teaching skills, Emma was always there. The best thing was that she implemented what I was teaching straight away and saw massive results.

Emma has noticed a massive shift from online travel agent bookings to direct bookings. Between her and her husband Zed and the fantastic work they do, their hospitality business has gone from strength to strength.

Learn more about Boostly

If you want to find out more or if you want to get in touch, please email [email protected]. But I really hope this message has helped you this. get a better understanding of who Boostly is.

UPDATE: has now rebranded as a TikTok Growth Platform

There's only one Boostly in town now😉 

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