Booking Direct

The Book Direct Membership...Where EXTORTIONATE Commissions Are A Thing Of The Past

Your Guests Are Waking Up To Booking Direct…  

If the Corona Virus (Covid-19) has shown one thing, when it comes to booking short term accommodation, people's habits are changing.  

For years 3rd party booking sites and OTAs have been the "go-to" way for reserving places to stay when on holidays, business or just a weekend away.  

With promises of the best deals and 'fair' reviews, it seemed like the best way to go.  

But for those who ACTUALLY run properties, we know that just isn't true...  

In fact...  

9 times out of 10, they offer poor customer service, higher prices, and operate using a broken rating system.

Which means it's less about the guest experience and more about how much commission they can earn from You.

Well, NOT anymore... 

Don't Get Left Behind…  

Join the #BookDirect Movement


You asked for it, so I've created it!

For years I have been asked to help the short term accommodation industry with a place where property owners and managers can list their details and for potential guests to visit their website to Book Direct instead of a using a 3rd party booking sites or OTA's... 

For years I have said no...

Until now...

The Book Direct Membership is for you, if… 

  • You’re SICK of paying out high commissions on every booking you receive through 3rd party or OTA booking sites
  • You’re SICK of your property being ranked using a broken rating algorithm
  • You’re SICK of relying on OTA’s and 3rd party sites for your bookings  

The public's opinion on the OTAs is changing. They are actively looking to book directly with the property now. The problem is, they are struggling to find them.


The Most Cost Effective Membership To Reward Short-Stay Hospitality Owners And Help You Retain More Profit

Booking Direct

What Do I Get When I Sign Up?

You'll Be On The Book Direct Map

The Book Direct Map ONLY focuses on the benefits of booking direct. With no biased algorithms with no extra commissions to pay.

The best thing... 

Guests book on Your merits as a business, and nothing else.

You'll Get Special Access To Boostly Training Videos To Help Skyrocket Your Direct Bookings

Imagine not having to rely on 3rd party sites and OTAs for your properties bookings in the future…

With the Book Direct Map, this can be a reality. After you've signed up, you will have access to exclusive training videos on how to increase your direct bookings for your property for years to come. These proven methods have already brought in Hundreds of Thousands in revenue for our members already…  

Why not join them!

All of your social media content will be taken care of

Just imagine

Working with your very own in-house team of copywriters and designers helping to produce your content

Spending fewer hours working in your business and still achieving more to be able to do what you want, when you want and with who you want. 

That's what you get with Social Media Sorted.

30+ Fresh Images and copy every month produced by my fantastic design team.

Your content for Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin sorted.

You'll Join the #BookDirect Movement

As short stay accommodation owners, we have to spread the word that Booking Direct just makes sense for both our guests and our businesses. 

By joining the #Bookdirect movement, we’re taking back control from 3rd party booking sites and OTA’s by saving our guests money, not being a slave to high commissions and saying NO to bias booking algorithms. 

Everything Else You Want To Know...

  • How Does The Book Direct Membership Work?

It's the ONLY booking platform with both short stay accommodation owners and guests in mind.

Guests select the location they want to go on the easy to navigate the map. Then they can see all the properties clearly in that area where they can Book Direct.

By clicking on the properties icon, they'll be able to see a full description of the property and any incentives they'll receive from Booking Direct.

The result...

Guests are happy with the little extras they've received...

You are happy as you haven't paid out ANY commission fee's on the booking to 3rd Party Sites or OTA's...

And all this for less than one decent bottle of wine from the local supermarket a month.

  • What Details Do You Need To Get Me On The Book Direct Map Today?

The details we need to get you started are...

- Your Property Name - Your Property Address - Your Property Website (Optional) - A Description Of Your Property

  • Will I Pay Commission On Bookings?

Absolutely Not!

The Book Direct Map exists to make commissions are a thing of the past. 

The only fee £9.99 per property per month, which means any bookings that come from The Book Direct Map (no matter how many) means you'll receive the WHOLE amount.

So what if you have more than one property? 

No problem. Each one will count as a separate subscription, so why not start off with one location now and add more at another time.  

  • Do I Get Any Training By Signing Up?

I'm glad you asked...That's a big YES

After you've signed up today, you will have access to exclusive 'step by step' training videos on how to increase your direct bookings for your property, using proven methods which already brought in Hundreds of Thousands in revenue for our members already.  

And help stopped them being held hostage from 3rd party sites and OTAs just to stay afloat.  

All for the price of a trip to Starbucks...

  • What If I don't Have A Website?

Truth is, in an ideal world we encourage everyone to have a website and an online booking engine.  

That being said, when you sign up for The Book Direct Map it's not essential.

So, if not having a website is the only thing stopping you. Don't let it!  

  • How Can I Increase My Direct Bookings & Revenue? 

That's another thing that makes The Book Direct Map extra special. 

Not only will your property be in front of people who are actively looking to Book Direct...As soon as you join, you'll get exclusive access to training videos on how to increase your Direct Bookings so you can start to kiss "3rd party commissions" goodbye.

  • Do I Get My Money Back If It Doesn't Work?

Yes! I give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you haven't had a return on an investment after 12 months. HOWEVER, you're going to have to do some work. You will need to commit to using social media content and implementing my training videos into your business.

I'm going to teach you how to be more proactive, which in times like these with the Corona Virus affecting us all, you need to realise that if you don't switch from that reactive mindset to a proactive one, your business won't be here in 12 months.

  • What Makes The Book Direct Map different from Every Other Listing Website Out There?

That's easy. The BIG differences are...

- The Book Direct Map is RUN by Hospitality Owners...FOR Hospitality Owners.

- The Book Direct Map has short stay accommodation owners as a priority (And the guests of course).

- The Book Direct Map gives you access to world-class training to help skyrocket your Direct Bookings.

- The Book Direct Map is by far the most cost-effective solution out there for receiving your bookings online.

And the best bit...  

You'll be part of the #BookDirect movement which is completely changing the way people book their next getaway.

  • Mark, What Other Goodies Do I Get?

Well, last but not least you'll be part of the #BookDirect Reward Program.

This means you’ll be given your own unique tracking code so we can reward you for simply spreading the word.

  • Who's Going To See My Property On The Book Direct Map?

Anyone who wants to Book Direct!

At this stage, we're letting the of world hospitality know about it first so the #BookDirect movement grows. 

In time though, we aim to be the #1 booking platform out there for the public too.

This way they can take advantage of the great savings, amazing customer service and all the little extras they'll get with Booking Direct.  

  • How Do I Get Started?

It's as simple as Clicking The Big Button Below and filling in a short Google form.

So let's get started!

  • Do Boostly Academy Members get Free Access to This?

No, this is a separate Boostly Product. However, Boostly Academy members do get a 5% discount to join. Please check our exclusive to find out more.

The same goes for Boostly Website clients, this is a separate product.

Who does Boostly help?

Here's what a couple of our amazing clients have said.

"We recommend Boostly to any hospitality business struggling with the marketing demands of the the fast paced world social media."


"I would recommend Boostly to any other hospitality businesses in the area."

Liz & Paul Halliday - DALE FARM HOLIDAYS

The Boostly Story

Hi, I'm Mark! 

And hospitality is in my blood...

Having grown up on a 200 acre farm Stay, this industry is in ingrained in me.

From young age, I worked in every part of the business and learned A LOT about how a hopsitality property is run. 

Eventually though, it was time to "fly the nest" and I embarked on my own path. 

And after a successful career in London working for Top Review sites, I returned to my own, family-run, 14 bedroom property, The Grainary.

Using all I had learnt in my marketing career down in the capital The Grainary reached TripAdvisor’s top 3 places to stay and we cut down on the reliance of the OTAS by a massive 40%.  

And all in just 18 months.  

But I wasn't finished...

I realised the complete lack of support for short stay accommodation owners, so I decided to dedicate my time to helping hotels, guesthouses, holiday cottages, city centre rentals, Glampsites, farm stays and everyone else. 

Today I help hospitality owners dramacticaly boost their direct bookings, cut their commission costs and literally put their properties on the map in 2020.  

YES! Increase My Direct Bookings Today