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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 58. This is a recap of my interview with Hostfully where I talked about how to be consistent.

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I just want to say to everybody, that consistency is everything. So with your hospitality business, for those of you that have been consistent over the course of the last year, and been posting in every single day on social media. Again, I've always said this, if you post every single day good things will happen to your business eventually. And it may not be tomorrow, it might not be the next week, it might not even be next month, but eventually, good things will happen.

Example of being consistent

And the example that I want to give to you is one that happened very very recently for my wife and she's not even in hospitality. So my wife last year started up a business, a skincare business part of Nu Skin which is a network marketing for skincare. She used to be a trained and qualified beautician. And then when we started traveling, she gave up a salon to travel the world. And she's always been looking to get back into some form of business in some way, shape or form. After trying many things, she's settled on this and she's just fried massively, really loves it. Nice, nice company nice people. And I know the whole stigma around network marketing, MLM, whatever you want to call it with this, this is the best I've ever seen for it's the most passionate I've seen for ages. And it's so great to see. And she is as consistent and as disciplined as anybody that I've ever met. She even gives me a run for my money. And she's been posting every single day. And she's been not only educating but making it fun and documenting her journey. And she has gone from just being a brand ambassador. So basically somebody who recommends the product. And people see her talking about it, they use her affiliate link and and she was getting money here and there to now where she's grown and has over. I think this she said to me was over 8000 people in the UK. And in this team that she is ultimately in. And now she has been promoted. And she's part of the top 203 in the whole of her big team of like 8000 people, which is phenomenal and we're all massively proud of her. But this is the result of consistency. So now she's got a team underneath her so she's got people that are also part of her team that she's recruited into the business and all skincare geeks, etc. and are doing really, really well. And, you know, hear her talking to them every single day but she's also been posting online posting on social media every day and being on Instagram every day.

And the thing that I want to tell you about is that Laura went to go and test out new hairdressers in town. And she posted while being there, and just again, spoke about it tagged the company in and documented the area and document the place and x, y and Zed. And the result has been is that the owner of the salon, the overall owner, saw the post saw the Instagram tag, reached out to the hairdresser. And coincidentally, she was looking, I think, to work with influencers or people in the area that we're going to talk about the business and she's been asked to go in now to go and get a free haircut a free hairdry. I mean, I don't know much about it, because honestly, I don't have any hair. But she basically gets a free service every week. And all she has to do is talk about the business once a week, which is fantastic. So a free haircut free hair dry, and she wants to talk about the business. And she's got salons all over the area. And it could be something that would be very good to help her expand and grow her business even further. And this is all because not because she's the best of the best when it comes to skincare. It's not because she's got a massive following, or anything like she's only got a couple of 1000 it's become because she's consistent. entertaining, knows her stuff, a nice person, and she's just got time to help others along the way.

You can also be consistent

And you at home can easily do this as well. You just got to be consistent, it's boring. It's not glamorous, you have to do it on the days that you don't want to do it. For example, I remember when both Laura and I had COVID she had it really bad. But she still found a time while she was laid in bed, feeling very sorry for herself to be able to communicate with a team and still put up a little post on Instagram here and there and still be consistent and the good things are coming on the back end of it.

So this is my message to you. We've had in hospitality, travel tourism, one of the worst years, some people have survived. Some people have fried some people have made it work. Some people have had to pivot. But it's those that have been consistent.

And for those of you that are thinking, well, I don't know where to start and all of us, then literally, I can help go to, five pounds a month you get 30 to 40 pieces of content to post on your social media every single day. You can use it on Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, every social media channel, it's video, a template to copy what you need. And that's not even talking about the email templates or the website copy that you need. So please do go and use it please do go and utilize it. It's literally five pound a month.

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