Are you guilty of this in your STR property?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 335. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I asked about being guilty doing something in your STR property.

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I've got some fun lined up today, something that I haven't done before, I'm going to be reacting to a video about Airbnb. So this is going to be fun. If you're listening to the audio, you can still get it. Don't worry, this is, but if you're watching on YouTube, this is going to be a bit of fun.

Special news

Before we start, I've got some special news to share with everybody, I'm going to be reminding everybody about this all the way up until the 19th of September, from Monday, the 25th of September to Friday, the 29th h of September, I have got some special training exclusively for you, dear listener, or the watcher. I like to do this once a year, especially in the September months. Because we now have to start thinking about the slow season, we now have to start thinking about that time of the year when it's not going to be as busy. The summer months have been crazy for a lot of people, the big rebound, the big bounce back from all of the things that have happened is in full flow. But those of you now looking at your calendar for September, October, November, December, it's a little bit quiet. So I have put together a free five-day training, you get exclusive access to me, members of Team Boostly and a private Facebook group. And I will walk you through five very simple steps on how you can get ahead of the curve. It's going to be all-around social media, it's going to be all around the power of giveaways, it's going to be all-around email marketing, and is going to walk you through lots of cool things that is not too overwhelming. There's not too much information. It's a simple case of watch the video, take the template, put it into practice, watch the video, take the template, put it into practice.

Now you may be watching this or listening to this and you've done it before. Fantastic The link is if you've never done it before, please do come and join it there are a lot of fun you get to meet other hosts. It's a great accountability group. And if there's ever a time that you need a kick up the bomb, this is a and I will give it to you every single day. So it's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the 20 after the 24th it's totally free come and join in. I am so looking forward to helping and I believe that we can get over 500-600 hosts in there. And helping only have to do are little tasks every day. It won't take up hours and hours and hours of your day. simple little things that you can be doing and I'm going to show you what to do to get ready and it will just basically give you a nice blueprint on what you can do moving forward in September, October, November, December and beyond.

Funny YouTube video

If you're part of my daily Boostly WhatsApp group, you may remember a couple of weeks ago, I shared a really funny YouTube video, I'm gonna share my screen so we can have a look at it together.

I want to take a super quick break to talk to you about Hostfully. So I've been telling you all about their award-winning platform. But one of the great things about this company is that they are very eco-conscious in the world of short term rental management, go check out their blog right now they have a few interesting articles about how you too can make your business more marketable to the younger generation that is really talking about this topic and taking it very seriously. As you are there and whilst you are there, go and check out their digital guidebook. It's free to get started with and also book in a demo call about their award-winning property management platform. They are the exclusive sponsors of the Boostly podcast they have been for many years, and hopefully for many years to come. So for me to all the team thank you and let's get back on with this show.

In this video here is a comedy skit from jean shorts comedy so a little shout out jean shorts comedy over 100,000 views already. What it is all about is Airbnb like so I think you can pretty much get away give away from what we're talking about here what we're going to be looking at, but what I wanted to do was I want to watch the video with you I want to basically walk you through because I think at the end of it there's a really cool little message here and even though this is a comedy skit, I think a lot of you are guilty of this so let's just watch it together.

You can always go and watch you just type in Airbnb like in YouTube, that there will be times when I'll stop this. But what is funny about this is that if this has happened to you, or if you think you are guilty of this or if your guests have tried to pull this, leave a comment below.

Who does that? Who has a low base price and over there's some people out there that teach this. But who does this? Where you have a low base price and you work on the costs and maintenance fee community fees or cleaning costs? People aren't silly. They know what you're doing.

This is really funny they're showing you how to get into the property and again it's going off your communication and I always say this communication is key and if you don't physically greet your guests and welcoming into the property when they arrive and you rely on on a key box literally like what we're talking about here you've got to make sure you have it's super clear to them on how to get him.

I have definitely suffered that one where you're in a house you don't know how to hold the Wi Fi or anything like that but you're in a brand new place shower like that. Again, no instructions don't know what you're doing.

Bring it back to your property like are you guilty of doing these things? Or have you had guests that will try to sneak in more people than you rely on what are you doing in the systems and the structures and all of that to make sure that it doesn't happen? So again, very funny video if you want to go and check it out just go to YouTube and type in Airbnb is be like the group that recorded it Trey Kennedy is one that I followed on Instagram for a while. But jean shorts comedy is the group that doing it. Go check it out.

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