An Interview With Anna Brock From Bay Cottage Guest House

I recently interviewed Anna Brock of Bay Cottage Guest House. Here are her answers to my questions.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in March this year (2018).

How many blogs have you written?

I have so far written 45 blog posts.  I have some more posts scheduled to keep things going to the end of the year.

What do you talk about?

I talk about a variety of subjects. Firstly, I blog about the guest house – bedrooms and breakfast mainly.
We (Bay Cottage Guest House) are a small, urban seaside B&B, regarded as “cheap” end, which I hate! We don’t have a “wow” factor – the rooms are so small! So instead, we focus on providing exceptionally clean rooms and an exceptional traditional English breakfast.  (We don’t do continental or fruit and yoghurt, as there’s so little demand for it).

An Interview With Anna Brock From Bay Cottage Guest House

Secondly, I write about places to visit and events that take place in our area so that guests have an idea of what to do when they’re staying here.  I also write specific blog posts to try and attract the kinds of people we want to stay at Bay Cottage, for example, artists, photographers, and walkers.

What has been the effect of having a blog?

Having a blog has given me a focus each week. I try and write or schedule one post per week and then “fill in” with extra posts as and when there’s a need. For instance,  if the weather looks good for the weekend, I’ll create an additional post with pictures of the sunny, sandy beach to try and get people to book! It has also helped a little with direct bookings.

How many bookings have come on the back of it?

An Interview With Anna Brock From Bay Cottage Guest House

I am not totally sure how many bookings have come in on the back of the blog. It is hard to work out because often the direct bookers call me and when asked, can’t remember how they found us. (Very frustrating!) But I have had 4 or 5 reservations made because the guest found us on first, took a look at our blog, and then called direct – yes!!! So, indirectly we’ve had bookings – but I’d love it if people found us without using those awful OTAs!

Where can we follow you?

You can follow us at and

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