An Essential Tip for Running your Vacation Rental like a Business

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 18. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about and essential tip for running your vacation rental.

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A question I got asked is how can I as a short term rental or vacation rental owner where I've got one property or two properties? How can I go from being somebody let's just say on Airbnb, or I've got a spare holiday home? How can I turn it into the business? What is one of the key factors here.

Don't rely on one platform for your business

And my advice in here is that if you're going to build a business, don't build it on someone else's land. And what I mean by that is that if you are going to build a business, if this is something that is going to become your career, if it is something that you're looking to make good income and revenue from, then you cannot be just relying on one platform to bring in your bookings, whether that be Airbnb, or vrbo, or, or Expedia don't just rest on one, what you need to do is you need to get a PMS, Hostfully, and add it into your business. And with a good PMS and channel manager, then you can get spreaded to them all. And this is the power of having a business is that you're not just relying on one, you're going to be listed on all the channels.

Other strategies for your vacation rental

And you're also going to have a social media presence. And you're also going to build an email list. And you're also going to have a website. And you're also going to have a payment channel via stripe or PayPal. This is the main thing, do not build your house on someone else's land. Do not be solely reliant on Airbnb for all of your bookings. Because if you do that, it only takes one event, whether it's somebody hacks your account, wherever it could be, you get kicked off the platform, you could get a couple of really bad reviews, and all of a sudden you could be super host and loving life. And then like that you're gone. So please take this advice.

If you haven't yet got a PMS, a channel manager implemented into your business make sure that's the first thing that you do. There are many people to choose from and my advice is go to, I created a blog. And with that blog, we interviewed over 100 hosts from around the world. And we asked for the pros and cons to the PMS provided that they were that they're using and we compiled the blog to help you make a decision. There are loads out there, you know, we've got so many people uplisting you can literally list on them there are loads of them. My advice is go and find one, get set up on it. Get on LinkedIn to all the channels, get a presence and then get a website continuously and then start to market your business there are so many things you can do and I'm so excited that if you're watching this and if you want to go from maybe one or two properties or doing this as a part-time or a hobby into an actual business to see where you went up.

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