Airbnb Hosting trick you MUST master in 2021!

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 342. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about an Airbnb Hosting trick you MUST master in 2021!

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Did you know that there is one very common feature that Airbnb,, VRBO, Expedia, all of these companies, they have a very common feature that ranks very highly in how you appear on their search results? And it's not what you may be thinking.

Today, we're going to talk about your response rate. Now, even though in the previous episode, I talked about the instant book, there are still times where you will get questions sent in from your future potential guests. This is an inquiry. Okay, it's in the contact house section of your listing. And the way in the speed that you respond to your question, it has a major impact on how the otas present you online.

I remember on, when they first brought this in, and they would rank you based on how quickly you responded to a guest. I always thought this was ironic, because if you have ever tried to send a question to, or any of these big otas, how long does it take them to get back to you a lot, a lot longer than what they rank you and how you respond to your guests.

About Hospitable

I think it's bananas to expect you to be online 24/7. Now luckily there is a company that found a fix that is problem. And they used to be called Smart b&b. But now they're called hospitable they chat a change in the name and the brand in And through that very clever algorithm and through very clever keywords and AI they have been able to create for you templated answers that you can respond to a guest and it picks up on the keywords and what they send in a message.

It will take about a day to get everything set up. But it is well worth it because it means that you can switch off it means that you don't have to be on 24/7. Because what happens if you got a question set at 2 am you're fast asleep a guest is overseas they don't know that you're sleeping and you don't answer for 12 hours then that is going to play a major factor in your ranking on Airbnb.

So by having an automated system set up, and I'm not talking about the Airbnb, automated messages, they are awful. And I'm not talking about or their messages, they're awful you have to use a third party for this and smart b&b hospitable. The ones that I absolutely love. I've used clients use it coaching people I've I've coached use it. And other people that I've seen use it from the Boostly community as well. So it does play a major role in this. So please make sure you do some of it.

Now not only is this the pre-booking, but this is the post-booking as well. And again hospitable take cares of that for you. It does play a factor please do take Please take note and take action. That's the main thing. Don't try and do this all yourself. Smart, b&b hospitable, whatever you want to call them. Very, very low rate return on investment on bookings is unsurmountable because it is so big again if you get a reservation request come in, say 2am. And I've got a specific question. And you've you set it up correctly, it can respond and you get that booking then that could basically pay for a full year's worth or two years or three years worth of hospitable software.

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