Airbnb Expert Shares a Tip on Getting More Guest Referrals

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 141. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about an Airbnb tip on getting more guest referrals.

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Welcome back, everybody. I've got some special episodes coming up for you. Recently, we had a masterclass from Jay Massey, aka the cash flow diary. If you've never heard of Jay Massey, you're going to by the end of this podcast, he came in and did a very special session for the Boostly Academy members, and he wowed everybody. What I want to do is I want to take that hour and a half interview, break it down into short little daily segments that you can consume, and put into practice for your own business. Some of the videos are going to be very visual. So if you're listening on the audio version, please do jump over to the YouTube channel, type in Boostly Jay Massey, and you'll be able to see the video version. But most important, what I want you to do is to see the feedback, to see what he was given to the hosts, and then see how you can put it into your own business.

I want to say a big thank you to Jay for doing this as a very busy man. His approach his method, his way is so powerful. And it was super honest, as he always is, is very, very popular on the clubhouse I appear in a room with him every Thursday at 6pm. UK time. And yeah, he's always helping and giving and I just sit back and I am at all of how clever and the advice he's able to give. It helps me improve as well, which is I never thought I'd get that from clubhouse.

How to be the go-to person

Now something that I really picked upon that that you said that I really liked is you have to become the go-to. So for example, when someone says to a co-worker or a friend, hey, I'm flying into Orange County or I'm going to London or I'm going to wherever, where do you recommend? So this is about becoming a go-to? It's something I've touched upon. But I'd love to take to get your take on how some really simple steps that don't cost anything. How would you become the go-to in your local area? What are the some of the simple little quick tactics that a host can take to becoming that go to.

The easiest way to become the go-to is I look at it this way you know where your hospital is. And the reason you know where the hospital is is that if you have a problem, you want to know where to go to get it solved. You become the hospital aka telling everyone about the problem you solve. Everyone wants to bring you their problems. Nobody wants the problems. No one wants to keep their problems all to themselves and say I don't you know, no one wants to do that they want somebody else to solve the problem. So if you advertise I solve landlord vacancy, landlords are bringing you their problem. I solve displace people during floods, fires, and other natural disasters, they will bring you their problem. That's really what it comes down to so long as you continually have that message. But the way that you get their attention to have that message is very singular as well. And it's what you do here on this podcast. And what you've known is that he or she who educates their market, dominates it, period, hands down, point-blank, I didn't even say get paid for educate, just be willing to educate the market. And you can do that in too many different ways from simple Instagram, Twitter, tik tok posts, all the way to, you know, courses and mentorships and a whole bunch of other things. The point is, you become the go-to person that has the answer to whatever the problem is. And the more complicated the problem, the better because that that that funnel narrows, right? It just gets narrower and narrower, because there aren't as many people who know what you know. Right. And that's, that's really what it comes down to.

For example, in my case, one of our uniquenesses is we know how to use a person's retirement plans, involve it in their business in such a way that you can unlock the value in that retirement plan. For example, many people go to a hard money lender, well, I'll go to people who are recently laid off, which sounds like that doesn't make any sense. yet. The rules around retirement plans simply say if you're no longer working there, you can do many things with that retirement plan. It's been that way since 1974, but most people don't know it. And then because they don't know, we become the educator. And because we educate them, we're often the only outlet they have to express what they just learned. So we intentionally adopt a strategy around educating, always and the simplest way here's something every person Listening, watching reading the transcript can do, you can host a cash flow game. And it sounds silly, but I promise you I can trace millions and I mean millions, many millions of dollars to cash flow games. And that's how it started because I didn't have some super marketing strategy of squatting in the bank on property. I needed a way to get other people's attention. Education is it but if you make education fun visa VA board game, not only will they show up, they'll bring friends.

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