AirBnB Experiences: How to use the platform to market your holiday let

AirBnB Experiences is a recent platform by the holiday letting giant that allows locals to create unique experiences for visitors. In an interview with Fortune, AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky stated his company’s plans for the experiences platform. This has become one of the largest growing parts of the business, and anyone with a skill to share can set up their own unique experience.

They are also very popular with visitors to the city. Networking with hosts can be a great way to boost your own business in the short-term rental space. Even if you are not on AirBnB, Experience hosts from the platform are constantly looking out for new ways to advertise. This can help you create a symbiotic relationship.

Here are some of the great ways you can use AirBnB Experiences to improve bookings for your rental.

Attend AirBnB Experiences Meetups

AirBnB experiences will attract a new type of guest to your propertyThis can be trickier if you are not on the platform, but if you are already listed on AirBnB you can attend the meetups with experience hosts. According to AirBnB, anyone with a hosting account in the local area will automatically receive invites.

If you are not on the platform, you can get a little bit more creative. Most major tourist cities will have a network of Experience hosts on Facebook that you can join, though these can sometimes be curated. If you already know an experience host, try to get the contact details for the event coordinators in the area. These coordinators are happy to find unique additions to their events – but you will need to offer something in return. If you can, offer space for their next meetup, or even offer to bring something unique from your business that will enhance the meetup. As with anything in networking, it requires a little give and take.

Go on some AirBnB Experiences

Airbnb experiences are a great way to discover the local areaOne of the simplest ways to network is to go on an experience yourself. Remember, the hosts are always looking for new ways to market their own business. They will be more than open to accepting contact details. Find experiences that you would be happy to market to your guests, in return for the hosts marketing your business to theirs.

This of course means being selective. If your accommodation has a cool, artsy feel to it then you can consider photography and street art tours. If it is more boutiquey, then a local food tour might go down well. Also consider one that starts in the local area so it is easy for guests to attend.

Worst case scenario, you will learn a new perspective on the local area to share with your guests. The Guardian have said that these are a great way to get a more local and authentic insight into destinations across the world. I do, however, suggest you try to remain sociable throughout and pass on your details to the host.

Host your own AirBnB Experiences

hosting your own airbnb experience can bring in new potential guests bookingsI recently wrote a post about hosting your own experience. These are great ways to enrich the local experience of your guests, and provide a unique selling point. If you want to make a little extra income from guests not staying at your accommodation, list this experience on AirBnB.

By listing on AirBnB, you have not only found a new income stream but a great advertising method. Always have tours start near your accommodation. If you have a lobby, this is a great place to get people in the building before it commences. If they like the host and are considering visiting again, they might just want to know more about your property.

Matador Network recently published a great blog about how to set up a good experience. It should be unique, and provide cultural value to your guests. AirBnB take a 20% cut of all bookings – but you can set your own prices and payments are usually the next day. The aim, of course, is to eventually move this experience off the platform – and I suggest giving your own guests a discount as an added perk.

The AirBnB Experiences platform is a fantastic tool for both travel service providers and tourists. Going from strength to strength, it is also a great way for you to engage with your local area further. With a little bit of creativity, you can use it to boost your direct bookings.

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