A new tool that every host needs to bring in to their business

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 51. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about a new tool that every host can use for their business.

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Today. I want to introduce you to a new tool. Something that I think will help everybody especially when it comes to direct bookings. It's a company called stay Stayfi. And what it is, is think about how many people you get to come and stay in your property on a year by year basis. And come on. Now think about how many people actually use your Wi-Fi. Now we give Wi-Fi away for free. What are the hotels do really well in getting guest data is putting a little masking page so to speak, on the Wi-Fi. So if you want Wi-Fi, you've got to sign up for it. And we do it we free we do it willingly. So the problem has been is that there's never been any equivalent for small businesses, short term rentals bed and breakfast. I dabbled with this software in 2013. And the software was crap. It was annoying, it didn't work. It was overpriced.

The good news about this tool

I've been very very, very excited recently to discover about stay fi. And the good news is is very, very soon expanding all over the world. They you can literally buy it and set it up now. They are expanding their software to make it multilingual. And it is so exciting.

How to use this tool

The founders of Stayfi have asked me to hold off from recording this video, but I want to talk about it now. So I want to get everybody to get ready for it. The way it works is a little device called go into your property if anybody wants to use the Wi Fi they need you need they need to give you their email address and sign up with for all the GDPR lists and all that lovely stuff. But once you've got that email, you've got that email you can sync into your MailChimp to your MailChimp provider whoever that may be, and you can then send emails to them.

Now the cool thing is is that normally when you do this, you only get the Booker's email. But with this technology you get the whole party's email. So if you say get a group of friends calm or if you get a group of workers calm, you will get all of their data, so then you can then remarket them in the future. This is such an important piece of kit I cannot even begin to describe how essential it is that you go and get them for your property. So whether you've got one property or you've got 100 this is going to be the way forward.

I know a couple of people are using it already and they have given me some raving reviews. And they are now using the Boostly templates that I given in my coaching program, and it is working so well. So please do go check them out.

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