A hidden Instagram Hack To Getting More Bookings

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 154. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about a hidden Instagram hack to getting more bookings.

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So I'm going to show you a really cool hack on how you can get really good content for your social media. And you can also potentially tap into that influencer market as well. And it is all done via Instagram, as as I've been racking my brains to think I think this is the only social media channel where you can easily do this.

Now, I don't know if you've ever realized, but there's a couple of different sections on your Instagram account. And I'll just quickly show you it now. So I'm gonna use the Grainary as an example. Now, when you go to your Instagram page, you will see that you have posts, which is your posts, you've got any videos or reels that you do. But you've also got this section which is called tag. This is what we're going to focus on. Now what the tags section means is that anybody in the world of Instagram has uploaded a picture and they've tagged you in the picture. Now, this is really effective, because your guests that made a review could be uploading pictures to social media without you knowing it. And by simply by tagging you in it, then you get to see who this may be.

Now what I love about this is not only can you see the tagged picture, now that's a bit random. ignore that. But you can see how many people have liked and engaged in it. So you can see. And you can go and check out the person as well as doing the post. So 688 followers is a writer and editor doing bits and bobs here looks like as a travel blogger is doing up to date stories, which is great. And again, you can see last active about eight weeks ago, seven weeks ago on the actual post. So again, it's interesting to see. Now again, we come back to here. It's got a nice steady flow of people engaging in the posts, pet-friendly, lovely little dog, etc, etc. So again, this may be somebody that you want to keep in touch with.

What you could do

So what you could do here is you could reach out send a message as you can still send a message directly on Instagram doesn't matter whether they follow you or not. And you can reach out and say, Hey, thank you so much for a picture. It's fantastic. We really hope you had a great stay, you can take the conversation so much further, but you wouldn't have known that unless you checked out the tag feature. Let's just scroll down a little bit more. There's one 106. So let's go and check out the post Yorkshire in the late summer just published a blog post about our family fallen in love with this part of England. Link in the profile. So there was a blog around it as well, which is fantastic. And I know this is a long time ago. But again, you can go and find out more about what they do.

So journalist with a passion for blog, travel, and art, as you can see here, Dutch-based travel in Europe than a lot of traveling. So this is a really good way of keeping in contact with travel bloggers about influencers because they have an engaged following.

And again, they put together a blog above or stay at the Grainary which is fantastic. Again, you could use that you could reach out say thank you so much, it'd be great to keep in contact against to a list of people, you know, when you need to get exposure and, you know, in front of an audience, great people to stay in touch with now let's bring it forward a little bit more.

I mentioned, bike and boot in a previous episode. This is them, this is their Instagram. And again, we go to the tags section. And you can look at everybody that is putting up pictures. And again, pet-friendly, which is what we've you know, instantly you focus on bike as well biking for you in the night before. So photos by Scarborough news. So pro biker obviously has done a little partnership with Bike and Boot.

If they hadn't already started up a collaboration with the hotel great want to reach out to because that is a very popular social media account, as you can see here, but you get that all from the tagged section.

So again, you may already be having people, your guests right now doing pictures, uploaded onto social media, Instagram and tagging you in. And if you're not, then why don't you ask. So real simple, send out an email, you can do it as part of your email automation, you can send up a WhatsApp, you could put a message up a little note up in the room in the property to say upload your holiday snaps to Instagram and put your at symbol on it. And you never know who could be staying with you without knowing it. You could have someone who could have 20,000 followers, 40,000 followers who've got a really engaged following.

And one thing that we have learned about the influencer market is that when you follow somebody and you know like and trust them, if they put a recommendation or say hey, I want to stay there, they're more likely to want to go and stay there as well. So again, tap into this, create relationships partnerships, collaboration and you never know will come out of it. And all it does is just take five minutes or 20 minutes once a month just to go in, go into Instagram, check that tag section and go from there.

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