A guide to promoting your Guesthouse/Hotel through videos

Kristian Arnold is a local freelance videographer and editor in Whitby. His passion is telling stories by creating engaging and visual experiences through video. Read on to learn some more about the importance and effectiveness of promoting your business through video.

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This guest post is by Kristian Arnold of Whitby!

The World of Video

People love watching videos. The massive popularity of YouTube clearly demonstrates this! Videos provide easily digestible visual information that captures the attention of your audience and tells your story. They are easy to relate to, engaging, and more memorable than text. Having a video on your website enables you to expose your business to a wider audience because a video posted on your social media is easily shared and drives traffic to your website.

Videos offer you the opportunity to convey large amounts of information efficiently and in a short amount of time.  They give your audience a more in-depth understanding of you and your business. Investing in a video will help you to stand out from the crowd and allows potential guests to view your property as if they were there in person. A video can provide a virtual tour enabling a more interactive experience and creating an emotional connection.


Check the Stats

Still not convinced of the effectiveness of videos? Look up the statistics for yourself.  There is immense marketing research revealing the popularity and impact of video. Numerous sites report that this year around 74% of internet traffic will be video content. It is also reported that 20% of users read the text while 80% will watch a video with the same content. Furthermore, bookings are 67% more likely when a video tour is included on a website.

So why not explore the possibilities and take advantage of one of the best and most effective visual marketing tools out there?

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Check out this great example of an effective video:

Take Action

Do you feel inspired to make a video for your property or business after reading Kristian’s post? Contact Kristian Arnold for some advice, direction, and help at contact@kristianarnold.comCheck out his bio and website at https://www.kristianarnold.com/about/.

Thanks again, Kristian!

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