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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 52. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about a brand new listing website.

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02:10 About Peerspace
04:00 How does this listing website work?
05:3- What hosts can do

Transcript from the Episode

Today, we will talk about a slightly different service, however I've come across but I really want to talk about it. And this is called Peerspace. Now, Peerspace has been around for a while it's got major back in is from America, but it is now gone worldwide. And what Peerspace is, is that it connects people that are looking for venues for their event or private function. Now what I mean by that a private function, can fall into so many different categories. It could be a baby shower, it could be a get-together, it could be recording an album, it could be a photo shoot, it could be a movie shoot, it could be literally anything. Now the big problem is that we assume that these companies have got it literally nailed down their talent scouts and venue scouts know everywhere to go. But the problem is is that they don't. And they have to rely on word of mouth or they have to rely on X, Y and Zed and pay big money to try and find these places. And we as hosts have got the venues that they need. So there's a there's a Connect, and the founders of peerspace expanded.

Now I found and discovered these guys for a clubhouse room. I reached out to them instantly. Because I think this is a fantastic idea. They have got the people, they just need the properties. I said, I can get you in front of the properties. And just tell me when and you know, they said to me, Mark, don't do it. Now, let's just wait. But I said no. So that better is better than later. Let's just get it done. Now let me talk about you now. And you everybody can go to you and find out more about you.

How does this listing website work?

So the way that it works is that they will rent out your property and you choose the allocated amount of time whether it's one hours, two hours, three hours, four hours, five hours, six hours, you set the time, you get paid per hour. And this isn't working with just B2C you're working with b2b. So the money is fantastic. big budgets. And again, it's a great way of recouping any lost revenue from 2020.

Now you may be thinking oh my property isn't really movie friendly, etc or photoshoot ready, but it is. So many of you are watching this right now who have got the perfect location that they are looking for the reviews and the requests that they get anything from a city apartment to a rural glamping site. You will be amazed at what the request that they get. So to get listed on there is absolutely free. You do pay a commission if a booking comes in, but it's very low. And the cool thing is, is that there's a massive transfer upsell. So if you get a film studio, for example, cost overview for five hours, and you fit them in between guests come in or you know x, y, and Zed, then they may even turn out and turn around or want a book review as well, because they don't want to have to travel to accommodation and whatnot. So isn't fantastic chance for upsell here. So you'll get the revenue for the venue for letting out your property for the day. And then you'll get the revenue for the stay as well. There's so much potential with this. There have been some fantastic case studies in America of it working, and now they're ready to go worldwide.

What hosts can do

So what I want for you to do right now, and again, they're going to hate me for this, but is what happens when you come to me. And we work together. And I say listen, please let me put you in front of my audience. So you got a boostly.co.uk/peer, go and list your property. Now I've done that I've done this with our farmstay business. And it's so easy to do is it's very resembling Airbnb and getting listed on there. The terminology and the words that you use a little bit different than if you're going to try and attract a guest to stay. But it is so easy. It's so simple. And it's free to list that you know what harm is that, I expect all of the 1000s of people that are watching this to go and give it a go.

Now, if your location isn't on there yet, don't worry, still submit your listing, and then pester them in the chat to get more audience there. I am going to be doing everything in my power to make sure these guys get worldwide and get spread around. I'm very fortunate that on one hand, I've got so many hosts that can put all their properties through peerspace. But I'm also I've got I know a lot of influencers who would love this as well that do need scouting locations for things like this. So I want us to send as many people as possible to it.

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