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5 Tips To Boost Your TripAdvisor Ranking – Boost Hospitality Podcast

The Boost Hospitality Podcast is back for another season! In this episode, I talk about the actions you can take to increase your TripAdvisor ranking.

Isn’t it exhausting trying to keep up in this world of constant competition? Potential guests are continually looking for top-rated properties. Did you know that approximately 95% of your customers will check a reviews website before booking at your property? Where are your guests going for that service? The answer is Tripadvisor. (Watch out for Google and Facebook as well.) The TripAdvisor Popularity Index is influential because the closer your ranking gets to #1, the more likely you are to be chosen by prospective guests when they search for accommodation in your area. In addition to covering this topic in the Boostly podcast, I have put together a Five-Step Guide to boosting your TripAdvisor Ranking.

Get high-quality reviews

TripAdvisor cares about what is being said in your reviews. For example, a review that’s just a few lines in length will not get as much attention as one that’s a paragraph long. A detailed review that’s packed with your property’s unique selling points goes a long way toward that location’s TripAdvisor rank.

Encourage your guests to review

Make sure you get a lot of love from your guests, and by love, we mean reviews. It’s critical that you get as many reviews as possible from as many guests as you can.

Maintain recent reviews

When dealing with TripAdvisor, remember this cardinal rule: Recent reviews are more valuable than old ones. If you get a hundred reviews one month but receive none the month after, your ranking will drop. Maintain consistency.

Provide an excellent service

Offering remarkable service doesn’t necessarily mean providing lavish facilities. It has more to do with taking care of guests, make sure they are satisfied, and creating a warm atmosphere.

Just Ask!

If you want your guests to review you, ask them! You even can make your request as they leave. Over the years, I have seen hotels successfully ask for reviews in a variety of ways

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