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5 Hospitality Marketing Bloggers You Need To Know

Hospitality marketing is a wide world. In the age of mammoth OTAs dominating the search engine scene, Airbnb cutting into the independent hotel customer base, and technology outpacing the wildest expectations of legacy hoteliers, it’s important to stay up-to-date. Obviously, Boostly should be your first stop! But we’re not the only hotel marketing blog showing the little guys how to win.

If you’re expecting another snoozy list starting with Tnooz and ending with, then rest assured that I’m not about to hit you with the same handful of well-known hotel blogs that you see every time you scroll through LinkedIn. Instead, I’m going to showcase a few blogging rockstars who you probably haven’t heard of yet.

1. Morgan Branding

Callum Morgan of Morgan BrandingStarted in 2017 by Callum Morgan, Morgan Branding is a UK-based company that conducts branding for hospitalities. They also happen to have a fantastic blog that updates often and covers everything from SEO to holidays. Callum has a maths background that he uses to analyse the branding of small hotels. The site’s team runs the Morgan Branding blog, and they do a fantastic job handing out marketing advice.

2. Bed and Breakfast Coach

yvonne halling, the bed and breakfast coachYvonne Halling runs this award-winning site, but before that, she ran a B&B herself. Now she uses her years of professional wisdom as well as tricks she’s learned in the trade to educate other hospitality owners. Her blog does cover marketing, but she also focusses on other aspects of hospitality life, such as avoiding burnout and streamlining your business.

3. Fuel Travel

stuart butler of fuel travelHere’s a blog that really focuses on marketing! The Fuel Marketing Agency, runs Fuel Travel, a social media and content juggernaut with loads of great advice for hoteliers of every size. Though you’ll find them in the United States, UK hospitalities can take a lot of pages from their book. Stuart Butler, the company’s COO, is also their main writer. Also, tune in to their podcast!

4. Vikram Singh

Vikram Singh of Words of VikramVikram is a marketing genius whose insight into the hotel industry is simply invaluable. He’s also something of an influencer and will sometimes blog critically about places he’s travelled or stayed. He uses these opportunities to look at properties and locations with an expert’s eye. He also records audio episodes where he conducts useful interviews.

5. Martin Soler

martin-solerMartin Soler’s newsletter, “Tell,” is available for free online, but if you’re smart, you’ll get it in your inbox every time he publishes. Martin crams each issue with amazing advice about loyalty schemes, Airbnb, and the changing hotel landscape. Not to be missed!


If you read these blogs on top of Boostly, you’ll be all ready to face the changes that are coming up on the hotel scene. But if you want your own personal guide through the wild world of hospitality marketing, contact me at

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