3 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate

It’s all about user experience. The more user-friendly your website, the lower your bounce rate.

3 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If you regularly check in on your Google Analytics data to see how your property’s website is performing (as you should), then you’re probably keeping an eye on your bounce rate.

An acceptable bounce rate is around 40%. If yours is currently greater than this, then you need to read on.

I want to help you with 3 easy ways to improve your bounce rate that you can test right now.

1. Wall of Text

Arriving on a website or web page that’s content-heavy is intimidating. Separate content by adding “chunks” of digestible information, like bullets. Reducing the line width and increasing line height cna also help.

2. Engaging Images

Add imagery such as photography, illustrations, diagrams, and anything else relevant to your content to break up the text and engage the visitor so that they become intrigued. Read my blog on how to take picture-perfect photographs of your hotel.

3. Page Speed

Everyone hates slow-loading pages. The old marketing rule of thumb is that if your page does not load within 2 seconds, your audience will give up and try and find what they are looking for elsewhere.

In Google Analytics, go to the Behaviour section and take a look at the Site Speed tool to discover the load times of your most important pages.

3 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate

The PageSpeed Insights tool is also useful for generating suggestions to speed up load times on a page by page basis.  Don’t let page load affect visitors and prospective visitors in your hotel’s marketing.

Go put these three key tips to use and watch your bounce rate improve! Get into the mind of the user when working on your website. User experience should be your focus!

Check out my training videos for different platforms designed specifically for hospitality owners.

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