3 little known ways to get most when tagging your photos for Google Search

Have you ever seen other hotels’ images on search engines like Google and wondered how they pick which photos to show? Wonder why yours are never visible?  Let me share with you how to get your photos to show up in Google’s search results too!

When it comes to getting your pictures to show up on search engines, there are three areas to focus on:

  • image filename
  • alt tag
  • supporting text

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Google Search Tip: Image Filename

Remember that Google and other search engines aren’t human. They cannot distinguish what a photo looks like, so you have to give them clues. To do this you must make your image filename searchable. Whatever your target keyword is, insert it into your image filename, separating the words by dashes. 

E.G – “Double-Bed-Room-with-A-View-Scarborough”


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Google Search Tip: Alt Tag

The next step is to add an alt tag. “Alt tag” is short for alternative tag.

Alt tags are for those who cannot see the photo, so your alt tag must describe the photo to let that user know what the photo depicts.  The more detail the better, but don’t go over 140 characters. Be concise. You don’t need to add the dashes for this one.

E.G -So, for the same double bed photo: 

“The {insert hotel name} has a wide range of double rooms situated in the town of Scarborough with stunning views.”

An aerial picture of the someone working at their desk with all their supplies.

Google Search Tip: Supporting Text

Lastly, a photo does well with supporting text. You could do the above steps and be done with it, which is most convenient for hospitality websites.

 However, if you want to be higher in the search results, you have to write more.

Text before and after the photo is ideal. This is why the caption feature is very handy.

If you’ve read this and you’re still confused, get in touch with me at [email protected].


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