3 Advanced Chat bot Techniques

If you can't watch the full video, then here's the write up below about chat bot techniques.

1. An excellent technique to get around the Facebook sales messages rules with the chat bot is to combine the message with an email. Put together an email and send it out.

Then go straight to your chat bot and tell all your subscribers that you’ve just sent out an email, and ask them to go and check it, including their spam email, and that you’ve got something special to show them. This is important because the broadcast message isn’t selling anything; it’s instead advising where to go next.

You get around the Facebook rules but still can put a sales message out. Make sure to put in the bottom “If you have not subscribed to my email list, here’s the link to do so.”

2. Same rules apply, but do the same on your Facebook wall. Put together a great post on your Facebook wall, and then send out a broadcast message that you’ve just put together a post, and to go and check it out. And make sure to include a link to your website or booking engine in the post.

3. The final chat bot technique is to set up an automated sequence. When people subscribe to your chat bot, it automatically sends out a message an hour afterwards, then 24 hours after, and then 72 hours later. This is all automated, and this introduces everyone to the chat bot. You can have this as text, or you could record a small video, which adds personalisation.

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